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Thursday, May 20, 2010

It is extremely exciting to know of the level of interest in early brain development. Through numerous people contacting me, I have learned of the growth of awareness occurring as a result of the blog posts and the daily brain facts. I cannot be more thrilled. With this increase in awareness we are making daily progress toward finally making early brain development common knowledge!

I have heard of people sharing this information through their Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and other social networking accounts, in newsletters, adding it to their e-mail signatures, and posting it on bulletin boards. If you know of innovative ways to share this information further, it would be great if you would share it by adding your idea in the comment section below.

Additionally, I have had people that are so intrigued by the brain facts that it leads them to wanting more information. As a result two additions will be added to the Early Childhood Brain Insights Blog. One is a "Resources" tab. It is a listing of resources I find beneficial.  If you have resources related to brain development that you find valuable, please email me or post a comment.  The second addition is to post answers to questions that are submitted. A few readers have asked for further explanations of the brain facts. These responses will be posted periodically for the benefit of all readers. If you have a question, please email me or post a comment.  It is always wonderful to hear from you.

Again, it is thrilling to see what occurs as a result of people coming together for a positive purpose. I cannot thank you enough for your part in the braininsights efforts to make this common knowledge for the ultimate benefit of everyone!

BRAIN FACT: Focused Attention And Repetition Creates Strong Pathways At Any Age

The brain is learning and reorganizing throughout life.  Focused attention and repetition create strong brain pathways at any age.

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