Monday, January 17, 2011

M  Z  @  Y  X  Q  R  #  W * G  L  D T

Does the above have meaning to you? What if I asked you to say it out loud repeatedly? Would that help you know what it means? Maybe you could sing as you say the names of the letters and symbols! 
The repetition and singing will likely help you be able to memorize this sequence of letters and symbols. But, in the end will you have learned anything?
Do you realize that frequently two, three, and four year old children are encouraged to do this type of activity?  Children of these ages are often asked to say or sing, A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L ….
There is no meaning to a young child when they say the alphabet. They can do it, but there is no REAL learning taking place. As adults we understand that these are letters and they represent sounds and they create words. But, to children these letters are abstract. 
The brain learns with real objects first. Later, as higher areas of the brain develop, the brain is able to think and learn about things that are not experienced with the senses.  
This is the same when flash cards are used with young children. Children are just memorizing and repeating back words, but there is no real learning taking place. 
Think of a child that is looking at a flash card with the picture of an orange and the word, ORANGE printed below the photo. With the repetition of a parent saying orange when showing the picture, the child will learn to say, "orange". 
Now, compare a child seeing a photo on a card to a child holding, smelling, and tasting a real orange while hearing the word "orange" .. .. (and other words like juicy, sweet, soft, and round). It is easy to see that a child would make MANY more brain connections through experiencing a real orange. 
It is really simple.... REAL learning for young children happens through real experiences!

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