Monday, March 16, 2009

Isn't it great that learning doesn’t have to be serious? Scientific research proves the importance of play in early brain development! Watching this video clip demonstrates the valuable learning that can take place while have lots of fun. (You will probably have fun yourself just from watching this!)

This clip shows the valuable interactive experience this baby is having through simply ripping paper! It illustrates that to provide learning experiences a child does not need to have expensive, flashing toys. Many connections are made in this baby’s brain through a very fun and repeated activity that costs nothing.

Play and laughter activates the care and thinking areas of the brain. These important brain areas are strengthened by having these types of experiences often. It is apparent through watching this, the baby is learning. You can see, through repetition he learned what to expect before the paper was ripped.


The experiences young children receive in the first three years of life are crucial to brain development. When a child receives loving care and stimulation, connections are formed between brain cells. These connections physically wire the brain. It is primarily the early experiences that largely determine the strength and function of the brain's wiring system. Warm responsive parents, who cuddle and talk to their children and provide fun learning experiences, promote healthy brain development for their children.

Technology allows the study of the brain, like we've never seen before. Scientific research demonstrates that a child's early development is determined by his daily environment and experiences, rather than genetics alone. For us to provide the best for all children, we must all understand how a child's brain works and develops. It is critical that this information becomes common knowledge.

Our education system and entire society cannot afford to continue to allow large numbers of children to miss out on the positive experiences they need in infancy and early childhood; the costs in terms of lost potential and increasing rates of emotional and behavioral problems, are too high. Brain research show us what children need; our challenge is to ensure that every child receives it!

Photo by Anissa Thompson


Creating awareness of early brain development is so much fun! Through the increasing numbers of presentations I have been invited to do, I get the wonderful opportunity to share what I am finding people are VERY interested in learning. People are often amazed to realize that 85% of a child’s brain develops from birth to age three based primarily on the experiences in a child’s environment!

Throughout this week I am asking everyone that cares about young children to help create further awareness!! It is so important that everyone understands the fantastic opportunity we have to positively impact the development of young children’s brains.
All it takes is loving interactions and opportunities to play with the people in a child’s life!!

Imagine a world where this knowledge is applied for every child! What a difference it would make now and in the long term. We all benefit from children with well developed brains!!

This week start the habit of talking to people you work with, your neighbors, your family members, and even the person that cuts your hair about the importance of early brain development! Have fun!!

To do my part in creating awareness about early brain development, I will be posting a series of blogs regarding brain development research each day during Brain Awareness Week. To make sure you don’t miss out, subscribe to the blog. Also, during this week, I will be offering a 25% discount on brain development activity packets. Learn more about the packets at

Happy Brain Awareness Week!
Photo by Paulo Correa
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