Is Your Child's Brain in Control?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sometimes it may seem that your child is being just “awful” and that their behavior is out of control. The thing is, their behavior actually may be “out of control”. 

The brain of your child is still maturing. This development takes many years. The part of the brain that regulates behavior and emotions is the last area of the brain to fully finish development. When this highest functioning brain area is developed, it will help to take control over big emotions and you will see the resulting better self controlled behavior.
But until then, your child REALLY needs you and all of the adults in their life to understand that they are not "being bad" and to help them through this process. They simply need you to help calm them and guide them through any difficult emotions that feel so incredibly overwhelming. 

Hunger and tiredness are two factors that have an incredible impact on the level of control your child has over their behavior. When your child does not get the sleep and nutrition their brain needs to function well, it makes it even more difficult to control all they are feeling.  Below are a couple of easy tips that may help ease your days together.

Tips to Try:
Do what you can to provide the sleep and nutrition the child’s brain needs every day. 

·   When a child has had enough sleep this helps keep brain systems in balance. Keeping bedtime and nap time at about the same time each day also contributes to better behavior.  

·   Providing a healthy breakfast that includes adequate amounts of protein also greatly helps behavior. When the brain gets the nutrition it needs to function well, the brain is less stressed and this results in children with a much more stable mood.

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