Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Providing More For You! 

Numerous spectacular events have been taking place for Brain Insights. ... AND there are even more coming! 

In addition to the excitement of letting you know of new products....Brain Insights is working on other new projects I am extremely anxious to share with you as soon as possible!!!

A new innovative product that is being developed, is going to make an INCREDIBLE difference for young children .....and make parenting EASIER!! Sorry.... It is not possible to tell you more yet.... but you can be assured, you will hear about it!!  I will be so extremely thrilled to let you know about it as soon as I can!!! AND ... you will soon have the opportunity to become a member of a group that will be making a difference for children ... worldwide!

In the meantime here are other exciting things you can take advantage of NOW! 

There is a NEW series of Brain Development Activity Packets available!! 

Redleaf Press has collaborated with Brain Insights to create a New Series of brain packets for Early Childhood Educators!!! 

These make it so easy for caring professionals to have activity ideas and brain information right on hand for each age from birth through five!

These packets debuted at the National Early Childhood Association Conference in Washington, DC!!

New Brain Packet Series from Redleaf Press http://www.redleafpress.org/Brain-Insight-Cards-set-of-6-P1005.aspx

Redleaf Authors

In addition to having the wonderful opportunity to present to dedicated and caring professionals coming from all over the world....
Several Redleaf Authors also had the chance to network! 
Check out Rainbows within Reach & Ooey Gooey Lady
Can you tell how fun that was?!!

  Brain Insights has relocated!

The new location makes it possible to easily and conveniently provide brain presentations, workshops, and trainings to additional locations. I am so Looking forward to booking with your company, organization, school, or agency to make a positive impact! Simply send an email to deb@braininsightsonline.com

Brain Insights Presentations http://www.braininsightsonline.com/pages/about-us


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