"BABIES" The Movie And Possible FREE Advanced Screening

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Mother's Day "BABIES,"  documentary style movie following four babies from around the world, opens across the country.  The movie observes four children in Opuwo, Namibia, Tokyo, Japan, Bayanchandmani, Mongolia, and San Francisco, California from birth to their first steps.  I'm excited to see this movie because it seems as though this will be an interesting look inside different cultural practices of raising children, but clearly shows the one thing that bonds all children, they are ready to learn through receiving lots of love!

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Detroit, or Cincinnati you may be able to view an FREE advanced screening!  Go Here for more details and to register. 

To find out more information about "BABIES" go here

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BRAIN FACT: Touch and Eye Contact Are Needed For Brain Growth

The brain’s growth is limited when there is an absence of touch and eye contact.

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