Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Investing in young children 0-5 is something we can and should do." 
                                                                              ~ Dr. James Heckman

It is critical to not only our young children that the real information about brain development is known and understood. It is also essential to our society to support and understand the value of investing in the early years. There are growing  numbers of people working to create awareness and share the critical need for investing in optimal learning and healthy development. You know this and it is the reason you are supporting the BRAIN Initiative. 

To help in this effort, this week I have included a brief clip from Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Prize winner in Economics, entitled Skills Beget Skills - How Early Childhood Investment Pays Off. I have provided this as an additional way to help get this information  well known. So, in addition to the BRAIN Insight to share this week, you can also share this clip with those that need to hear the message.

The BRAIN Insight to share this week is again very simple.... but is very important for creating the much needed awareness.

Have you sent in your nomination? 

There are many terrific programs and agencies already nominated from all over the world! I invite you to nominate programs, schools, organizations, or agencies that would benefit from a donated brain activity packet in either English or Spanish. 

The winner for the donation from Week #10 is below!

Following is the Week #11 BRAIN insight to share:


Brains Require All Investing Now
A BRAIN Insight to share ~ Week #10

The experiences children receive in the early years of life are crucial to learning 
and overall development

Let's make this common knowledge! 
To share this brain fact just cut and paste or use the the share button!

  • You can simply post the insight on social network sites 
  • You can also include the fact in organizational literature or newsletters, add to your signature on your e-mail, post on a bulletin board and implement it into what you do each week.
  • Additionally each week, e-mail the BRAIN Insight to 5 people you know. Encourage each person to share it with 5 people they know. If each person shares with 5 people each week... we will finally have EVERYONE knowing this incredibly important information!  
Enjoy contributing to make this common knowledge!!
 Spreading Brain Development Even Further .... Click here to send the name of a program, agency, school, organization or business that will benefit from a brain development packet. I will draw a name and donate a brain activity packet 
in the name of the person making the recommendation each week!!

The WINNER for WEEK #10:
South Shore Educational Collaborative  Hingham,Massachusetts
A brain development packet for the age of their choice will be donated in the name of :  
Daphne Knudson
THANK YOU to all that are participating the initiative already! Tell everyone you know about the difference we can make!
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