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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nutriton affects learning, attention span and moods! I Brain Insights

Sadly, the brain sometimes gets neglected when it comes to nutrition. Often healthy foods are only thought of as impacting the body. However, growing brains need certain things to function well. When it doesn’t get what it needs, it doesn’t work at its best. 

At times the brain actually gets the opposite of what it needs. There are many things that are provided for children that the brain doesn’t know what to do with. When this happens, a child's brain does not perform well. And, an immature brain does not yet have the ability to control the unbalanced brain systems. The printable for this week focuses on the impact of this. 

It is wonderful that the solution is extremely simple.... give children the nutrients their brain needs most!  

It especially helps when children know which foods are most healthy. Many children feel a great amount of pride when they learn about healthy foods. It is very fun to hear children share excitement as they eat nutritious foods and express ... "this is good for my brain."

When presenting I am frequently told by audiences, that many school breakfast programs are comprised of sugary cereals and sugary juices. This is completely the opposite of what the brain needs....Especially for breakfast! 

When eating these types of foods without adequate amounts of protein, the brain does not have the nutrients to function well. It is not fair to a child to be expected to listen, sit still, pay attention and learn, if their brain is not given what is needed to help make all of this happen. 

Printable #8   

Kelly Dorfman has written an extremely wonderful book that is full of very valuable and important insights on nutrition for children: What's Eating Your Child? 

It is a book that is based on real kids to make it an easy and inspiring read.  Check out this terrific video clip of Kelly to find all she provides for caring educators and parents.  

Have a very healthy day! 

Brain Insights Printable #8 Nutrition and the brain

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