FREE WEBINAR: Brain Insights For Early Educators: Stimulating Brain Development in Your Program

Monday, October 25, 2010

I will be hosting a FREE Webinar entitled "Brain Insights For Early Educators: Stimulating Brain Development in Your Program" on Wednesday,  November 10.  Click HERE to register!

This workshop presents what children wish all adults knew about how they learn. As early childhood educators, we know 85% of a baby's brain development will happen after birth. We also know that what we do in the classroom  and what parents do at home can make a profound difference on healthy brain development. With the realizations you gain through this presentation, you will understand how easy and fun it can be to encourage brain development in your program throughout the day. You will also get ideas about how to partner with parents to nurture learning at home. Join me to begin brainstorming about how brain development can easily fit into your busy early learning program.

For more information or to register click HERE.

This Webinar is part of the Early Childhood Investigations Webinar Series sponsored by Robert-Leslie Publishing, the publisher of The InvestiGator Club Pre-Kindergarten System.

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BRAIN FACT: Children Will Develop A Willingness To Approach New And Unfamiliar Tasks As a Result Of Secure Attachment

As a result of a secure attachment children will develop a willingness to approach new and unfamiliar tasks, and will develop a stronger ability to put up with the frustration of failure and have the patience to try again.

A recent study shows the positive results of early attachment in the teen years.

To spread help spread the word, tell everyone you know about a FREE opportunity to easily learn more about brain development!! Hope to connect with you there!!  Register for the Free Webinar HERE.

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