Rainbows of Fun!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rainbows instill a feeling of happiness and fun!!  Of course fun and happiness is something we want for the children in our lives! Fun and happiness of course positively contributes to less stressed and healthy, learning brains.

In a post for the Pre K and K Sharing blog I have shared a rainbow of needs for children. You can enjoy it here:

Over the Rainbow: 8 Essential Needs of Developing Brains (click here)

 I have created a post of a RAINBOW of needs all children want all adults to know. This rainbow leads to something better than a pot of gold at the end and it doesn’t depend on luck!  Having these eight needs met will contribute to a happy life with a healthy and well developed brain!  (The scarecrow could have used these early in his life!) 

Winning terrific toys also leads to 

fun and happiness! 



Announcing the winners of the  

Soft Blocks Give Away!


Stacy Miller


Gena Barnhart

These winners will each win a set of Soft Blocks

  (click here to learn more & order your own set!)



Thank you to everyone who entered!


For additional fun.... Did you know there is a movie being made focusing entirely on the importance of PLAY?

 Enjoy watching this trailer: 


SERIOUSLY: A Movie About Play!  

(Click here to view and enjoy)



For ideas for ways to have fun with children while waiting in line, at the grocery store, while waiting for an appointment or anytime during your busy life grab one of the rainbow colored brain development packets out of your pocket and create happiness!


Have a VERY fun day!



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