Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Sit still.... listen....stop fidgeting... 
settle down... just stop moving!"

Frequently these types of directions or commands come from adults trying to help children learn. Why do you think this occurs? Could it be simply because children need to move to learn and they are doing what comes naturally to them? "Compared with past generations children today are living far more sedentary lives. We are tampering with thousands of years of predetermined, movement based biology, and the unintended consequences are just beginning to show up in research studies and news reports." 
  ~ Gill Connell & Cheryl McCarthy

It is extremely thrilling to me, that research provides evidence of what actually is best for learning and helping children develop in the most optimal way!  How comforting it is for parents and educators to actually KNOW in what way children learn best. This valuable research demonstrates that the way children learn best is through interaction and MOVEMENT!!

.... AND even more exciting...

There is a brand new book that beautifully lays out and provides us with this critical understanding in an easy to understand format!

by Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy! Connell states her desire which led to writing this important book.

"I believe movement is the under-appreciated piece of the early childhood puzzle, and I want parents and teachers to understand the vital role movement plays in helping little ones reach their fullest potential."

This book is filled with incredible insights, explanations, ideas and tips. It is extremely difficult to begin to explain all this book provides. Additionally it is also presented in a beautiful format with graphics and photos that both inspire and also illustrate the valuable information shared. 

Something especially extraordinary is also introduced in this new book. It is called the kinetic scale. You are going to want to be among the first to become aware and understand how this scale provides a guide to the various stages of development. The developmental movement stages are categorized in this book as; snugglers, squigglers, scampers, stompers, scooters and skedaddlers! Isn't that perfect?

I had the honor of attending the first book signing for this valuable guide at the NAEYC Conference in Washington, DC.  What a pleasure it was to spend time with Cheryl McCarthy at this event!

It is my hope that this book will be widely read and the ideas will be implemented EVERYWHERE there are children. This book helps adults understand why children don't sit still, run, jump, skip and fidget.... and why IT IS SO CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to their brain development and learning!


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