BRAIN INSIGHTS TO SHARE: Healthy Brains Begin With Consistently Meeting Needs

Monday, October 15, 2012

Responsive relationships are essential for healthy brain development!   

Brain Insights:Printable #5’t it wonderful that what we naturally want to do is best for a developing young brain? When a baby cries it is our natural instinct to comfort the infant. It is through consistently responding to and tuning into the expressed needs of a baby that will impact the base of the wiring in the immature brain. 

Through these repeated nurturing responses, the brain begins to learn. This is the beginning of the brain wiring for self regulation and healthy emotional development. These loving interactions early in life can have an extremely positive and long lasting impact on relationships and learning throughout life. You can read more how this occurs in, Anna Wants This For Every Baby.

You can share this critically important information with the printable for this week!

Printable #5   

The following quote from, The Blossom Method by Vivien Sabel, shares how essential this need is and how desperately a baby needs adults to realize and understand how they are communicating.  

 “A baby starts talking from the moment she takes her first breath. A child’s instinct for survival and human interaction drives her to communicate with her caregivers using unique movements, facial expressions, sounds, and mouth, lip and tongue shapes."

Brain Insights and the communcation of babies ~

You can learn more on this exceptional book and this essential aspect of early brain development in Astonishing Communication with a Baby Beginning at Birth.


Brain Insights Activity Packets for Early Brain Development - 

The printable also includes an activity idea from, the LOVE YOUR BABY brain development activity packet and App.  

 For more wonderful ways to provide loving interactions throughout your busy day go to



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