#OlympicMoms-Brain Insight #6

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Time spent outdoors is a great way to help children's brains develop in very healthy ways! Sometimes just going outdoors sparks valuable activity that brains of all family members can benefit from. Use the Olympics as a motivator to sled, skate, create snow slides, etc. Encouraging children to use their imagination enhances the highest thinking regions of the brain. Follow their lead to create fun family "olympic events." 

#Olympicmoms - Winter #Familyfun activities benefit brains!

When you are out of ideas, here are a few activities that make it easy for you to enjoy a fun and beneficial time together!

#Olympicmoms - Winter #Familyfun activities benefit brains!Give me a piece of black fabric, a dark towel, or black paper to take outside.  Have me catch snowflakes, place seeds, or collect pine needles on it. Look at the items very closely to see if there are two exactly the same.  


Look for tracks or footprints in snow.  Help me figure out what made the tracks. Then we can make up our own story about what we think might have happened to make the   tracks.

     Help me make a pair of binoculars by connecting two toilet paper tubes together and tying on a yarn or shoestring strap. I might want to decorate it. Go outside with me and look for birds or animals. The binoculars will help focus my attention. 


    Play “I Spy” with me.  When we are outdoors, think of something that you see.  You can give me clues to help me guess what it is.   

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The brain needs time and play outdoors. Physical activity and nature provides numerous benefits to the brain and contributes to overall health and optimal learning.

I hope you take the time to watch and share the clip shared in this post that discusses ALL the valuable aspects nature provides for the brain!

You can get MANY more Family Fun #Olympicmom and #OlympicDad ideas here!!

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