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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Brain Insights Back to School Give Away!  

How Could You Use Brain Development Activity Packets To Enhance Your Commitment to Children?

Share your ideas with us and you could be one of 5 Schools, Businesses, Organizations or Agencies that will win a FULL set of The Brain Development Series. This will be a great way for you to kick of the new School Year!

Are you wondering why I would be giving away brain packets?  

Well.....actually if I could I would give them to every parent, grandparent, caregiver, or actually anyone that cares about children! (Giving is actually one of my very favorite things to do!! ) But, since I can not give them to everyone, I am going to give away 5 complete sets (0-5) in the hope that you will find the most ideal way to share these.

When I started doing early brain development presentations it was so extremely exciting to experience the enthusiasm of participants. When audiences gained a better understanding of all that young children need for healthy brains they become so inspired. 

As wonderful as this was (and still is!) I wanted to find an additional way to make this information available in a much broader and practical way.

Understanding that parents and care providers are VERY busy, I had a great desire to find a way to share this information and ideas to use in everyday life in the easiest possible way. That is when I created, The Brain Development Series. How thrilling it is that these are now selling all over the world and are available in both English and Spanish.

But.....NOW, I want to Give 5 sets away!!  How does that sound to you?

You can get more information about the brain packets on the links included here.....but now you just want to know how you can win a set right?

For your chance to receive the Full set (0-5) of Brain Development Activity Packets (Value $72) all you need to do is comment below and state in what way you will use, The Brain Development Series for the benefit of children. 


  1. This Back to School give away is for schools, businesses, early childhood programs, agencies, or organizations. (I will of course want to give more away! So, I will be doing a give away for individuals closer to the holidays)  
  2. There will be a drawing for all that enter comments that include, a personal name, the name of the organization, and location. Posted comments that are left as anonymous will not be included. Please specify if you would like your set of packets in English or Spanish.
  3. The drawing will take place on August 30th. Winners will be announced in a post during the week of September 3rd and packets will be sent as soon as addresses are obtained. 

What could be better than to start the school year with healthy and happy brains? 

Additional benefits for you! 20% Promo Code

For those of you that would like to order packets prior to the contest deadline, I have something special for you too!  You can get a 20% Back to School discount. This will be available through August 30th.  
The Promo Code for you is: BACK2SCHOOL  Order here

Back to School Discount on Brain Insights Workshops and Presentations!  
If you are looking for an inspiring staff development presentation, workshop for parents, or lunch and learn session at your workplace, I am also offering a Back to School discount on these as well. Contact me by August 30th to get 50% off workshops.

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