#Olympicmoms-Brain Insight #5

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


#Olympicmoms - Nature is good for brainsYesterday while enjoying the Olympics, it motivated me to get outdoors. My brain loved it!  Brains benefit greatly from spending time in nature. 

Even though it was only 4 degrees, it was wonderful, bright and beautiful and I so enjoyed my time outdoors. This of course doesn't compare to the scenery from Russia, but this photo was taken at a spot just down the road from my home.

I have shared this for your benefit. 
Did you know that even looking at a photo of nature can reduce stress levels affecting your brain?
Time spent in nature can reduce stress, improve memory, increase attention span and enhance problem solving abilities. What an extremely easy way to improve your brain function. You will greatly benefit when you make time for yourself and your family to enjoy nature everyday!

Learrn More:

From:How the City Hurts Your Brain ... And What You Can Do About It.  By Jonah Lehrer

"One of the main forces at work is a stark lack of nature, which is surprisingly beneficial for the brain. Studies have demonstrated, for instance, that hospital patients recover more quickly when they can see trees from their windows, and that women living in public housing are better able to focus when their apartment overlooks a grassy courtyard. Even these fleeting glimpses of nature improve brain performance, it seems, because they provide a mental break from the urban roil."  
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#Olympic Moms - Exercise, Nutrition, Family Fun Ideas

To get LOTS of ideas and FUN for how your brain can greatly benefit from nutrition, exercise and family fun check out all that is shared by numerous experts!  

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