BRAIN INSIGHTS TO SHARE: The Brain Adapts to Any Environment

Monday, October 1, 2012

Let'sensure all environments are nurturing! we understand how much of the brain develops after birth, we realize what a great opportunity this provides! 

I find it extremely amazing to think about how the brain can adapt for survival and success. The brain will adapt based on the experiences, culture and environment in which it is developing.  

The printable for this week focuses on how critical it is that the early environment is consistently responsive and nurturing. For healthy development, every baby requires and deserves positive and predictable loving care. 

When this is provided it leads to a child having the ability to regulate emotions effectively, to be able to delay gratification, to problem solve, and to have empathy for others. (Read more in, Anna Wants This for Every Baby) And of course this is what we want to for every child!

Consistent responsive caring benefits young brains
If a child experiences just the opposite or inconsistent responses to their needs, the brain is wired completely differently. A baby that that doesn't know if cries will be answered or cries are met with hostility and harshness will experience chronic stress. (Read more about the, "Big Brain Question" our brains are always asking) This of course is the type of experiences and environment we want to avoid being the norm.

Sharing the printable for week three, will help in creating this important understanding.... and lead to optimal experiences. The children thank you for sharing!!

You will likely also enjoy this this valuable video clip from Parenting For Life. It explains the importance of attachment, the impact it makes and why we all need to care!  The role of attachment in infancy on later mental and physical health

With great appreciation as always for all you do!!

Brain Insights Printable #3 ~ Brains adapt to any environment


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