Thursday, December 2, 2010

Devoloping Brains Need Attuned Parents As Much AS They Need Nutrition! Developing brains need loving interaction, attuned parents, and touch as much they need nutrition. Early interactions set up the basis for expectations, self perception, self regulation, and relationships throughout life.

This video clip on Harry Harlow’s famous study demonstrates the critical need for security.

The amazing research explained in the following article, clearly shows the powerful influence that results from positive early care giving experiences: Good Parenting Triumphs Over Prenatal Stress.It is reassuring for expecting parents to know they can have this positive influence through a responsive and loving early relationship for their baby.

We can no longer let this information be ignored. This research ignites my desires to share all of this even more deeply (if that is possible!). My dream is to have the parent of every newborn learn how to easily provide the consistent care taking and loving interaction their baby NEEDS!  

So below are a few interaction tips from the Love Your Baby packet with brain development information from the baby’s perspective for you to share with every parent you know.

Realize that loving me does NOT spoil me. Show the love you feel for me through all of the interactions we have together.

Brain Insight
Taking care of my needs does not “spoil” me. Comforting me when I need you helps me learn to trust that you will take care of my needs. I will be calmer as my brain learns I can expect you to take care of me.

Notice how important your attention is to me. Tune into how I let you know when I need comforting or just a fun connection with you.

Brain Insight
Attention and contact with you is what matters most in this stage of brain development. The first 18 months are the most important for the foundation of my emotional development.

Notice what I like and respond to. Try to tune in to the level of activity I seem to need. If I seem active, do a more playful activity. When I want to be calm, read a story, hold me close, or sing a lullaby to me. 

Brain Insight
My brain is not developed enough to adjust to different activity levels easily on my own. I really need you to match your behavior to my needs.

This is what every baby needs and wants every adult in their life to understand!

For more loving interaction ideas from the Love Your Baby brain packet in English or Spanish!

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