ipadding Toddlers: When Is It Too Soon?

Friday, November 25, 2011

What do YOU think about babies using ipads and smartphones? 

An increasing amount of discussion is occurring on the topic. Varied opinions and viewpoints are shared in this terrific article from Newsday written by Beth Whitehouse.  

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for this article to share my opinion. Of course I expressed that it is best for young brains in the process of making valuable brain connections, to interact with real objects instead of being handed an electronic device. Since it is primarily experience that impacts the connections that physically grow and develop the brain, my strong recommendation is that children interact with the real world.  As the,

    "Although a varied array of experiences clearly stimulates learning in the preschool years, promotional statements about the superior brain building impacts of expensive "educational" toys and videos for infants and toddlers have no scientific support."

After reading the article, I would very much enjoy hearing your thoughts on the topic. 

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