Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Those of you that know me or follow my work already know the intense passion I have for making early brain development common knowledge. It continues to baffle me on why this is not yet information that every parent, grandparent, educator, judge, medical professional,  foster parent, social worker, community leader, policy maker, business owner, and voter knows! Every adult needs to know the impact the experiences in the early years has on the developing brain.  Science has been demonstrating this to us for years.  Now economists are revealing how cost beneficial it is for us to know this—and to do something about it! We ALL benefit when ALL children have well developed brains!

The primary focus of the awareness I want to create is the understanding of the dramatic difference we can so easily make on the physical development of young brains. Research clearly shows the powerful influence that results from positive early care giving experiences.

Early interactions directly influence the basis for social/emotional skills, self regulation, self perspective, physical development, language abilities and cognitive capabilities for life.  For this to occur, developing brains need, loving interaction, good nutrition, attuned parents, safety, opportunities to play, predictability, direct language experiences, nature and adults that understand early development.

We can no longer let this information be ignored. Every child is counting on us. The start of a new year ignites my desires to share this even more deeply (if that is possible!) It is my dream that 2011 is the year that EVERYONE learns what ALL children want ALL adults to know!  

Countless people are as impatient as I am. I have connected with so many wonderful and dedicated people throughout the world that are working to make a difference through sharing this information. This growing community has the capability of making an incredible impact.... and you are part of it.

Next week, I am going re-energize a campaign to make this happen. Together we can make a REAL difference in 2011! 

If you are as anxious as I am … you can start by sharing this post with everyone you know who cares about children (and the future of our world).  Let’s get this started! You are the first person in the process ... now let's see how many people we can get involved in January!!  

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