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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What toys are good for brains? -

It is quite frequent that I am asked, “Which toys promote brain development best?”. Many parents also inquire about DVD’s and programs to teach babies to read. My response always is, “Loving interaction and play with real objects is what a developing brain needs most.”

So what I recommend is to avoid buying expensive electronic toys and DVD/flashcard programs, and look instead for toys that really are best for children. The type of play and toys that support the best learning are ones that provide opportunities to, create, explore, use imagination, manipulate in various ways and encourage movement. When these activities are driven by a child’s own interests this is when you will almost be able to see brain connections being made!

This is where the good news comes in. When attending Toy Fair 2013 in New York, I experienced a welcome surprise. As enthusiastic as I was about attending, I also anticipated feeling frustration. My expectation was that I would see several toys that were not designed with a developing brain in mind.

Toys and play for growing brains

But, I experienced just the opposite. I am thrilled to let you know, there were numerous companies exhibiting toys that are very beneficial for growing brains! Some of the criteria I use to determine if a toy or activity is best is if does at least one of the following:

· Provides an opportunity for direct interaction and manipulation
· Gives a child a chance to develop something with their hands
· Offers a variety of ways of using the toy or objects
· Sparks imagination and creativity
· Allows the child to repeat a process
· Promotes physical activity


Brain Insights at Toy Fair NY 2013 was a pleasure attending Toy Fair with two extraordinary women who have extensive knowledge and experience in the toy industry. Dena Quilici is a talented toy designer who previously worked with Playskool. Cheryl McCarthy who was an innovator with Hasbro, and is now a writing partner with Gill Connell of Moving Smart.  

(The new book from Gill and Cheryl is one, I can not be more enthused about being released this Fall!)

It was terrific to see the show through the eyes of Dena and Cheryl and to benefit from their expertise. Following the show they shared this great article, New York Toy Fair 2013, which expresses many of the same thoughts I had about many of the 2013 toys focusing on brains.

As a result, for your benefit, I have created...

A Virtual Toy Fair for You! 

Through the links below you can visit some of the companies that are a GREAT pleasure to highlight. 


Brain Insights ~ Soft Blocks Give Away

 Soft Blocks is graciously donating 2 sets of their wonderful products as a give away for you!!!

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These are SO GREAT! It is so fun making parents and educators aware of this terrific new toy! 

Soft Blocks promted by Blocks promoted by SOFT BLOCKS are unique interlock blocks for children 3 & older that help foster problem solving skills and constructive building techniques.

Children instinctively respond to the soft material which also makes playing ouch-free; no need to worry about stepping or sitting on SOFT BLOCKS as they will just softly bend and squish!

Unlike small hard plastic building blocks which little fingers can have a hard time snapping together and prying apart; SOFT BLOCKS fit together and come apart with ease.

Sold in a set of 36 blocks in four primary colors of red, blue, yellow, and green, the building possibilities are endless.


This game is receiving a great amount of deserved attention and enthusiasm! And I am thrilled about it.

 A new and exciting way to jump, stretch and twist your way  to a healthier happier lifestye!!! 

Flip2BFit promoted on
Flip2BFit® the exciting new kid’s fitness board game where you compete, build team spirit and individual goals while stretching, jumping and twisting your way to Springers’ Park!!!  Looking for an easy, interactive way to teach your children about healthy eating options? With Flip2BFit you can increase their physical fitness levels without them even knowing it! Whether you’re building strength, increasing cardio or stretching out to a few yoga poses, you will find Flip2BFit® the most fun you’ve had playing a board game.  Working to prevent childhood obesity one exercise at a time Flip2BFit is this generations answer to Fitness made Fun!

Kidlutions promoted on
Flip2BFIT has also earned a honor of a Perfered Product Award from Kidlutions


It is probably obvious that Brain Insights would be enthused about Educational Insights isn't it!?
Brain Insights sharing Educational Insights 

 "Engage Minds, Inspire Discovery!    
It may sound simple, but this is our driving philosophy at Educational Insights."


You can actually feel the love through this company! I think you will love it as much as I do! 
Brain Insights sharing Tiny Love on

Tiny Love is an award-winning international baby products company that creates stimulating developmental toys and products which encourage babies' growth and development.


Entirely brain focused!  Of course I wanted to share this one too!

"The Fat Brain Toy Co. was formed to develop creative, mind-expanding toys, games and gifts for the specialty toy industry.

The company has developed a number of critically-acclaimed products." 

Brain Insights sharing Fat Brain Toy Co.

 Hopefully you have enjoyed exploring all of these great companies that are providing so many positive ways to develop healthy learning brains!!

Have fun shopping and playing ...
and don't forget to post a comment or send an email by March 8th 
to win 
a set of Soft Blocks!!

Brain Insights promoting early brain development for ALL children! www.

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