Friday, August 19, 2011

As a result of watching a discussion last week-end on the topic of education in America, I am including the reasons we NEED the BRAIN Initiative in this post. The program was valuable due to addressing various points on the issues in education, but the development of brains was not mentioned at all! 
So..... here is the list again. Please add any reasons you feel need to be included on this list.

Why Do We Need the BRAIN Initiative?
  •  Because we ALL benefit from ALL children having well developed brains.
  • Most people do not yet know that 90% of children's brains are developed in the first 5 years, and 85% in the first 3 years.The brain adapts and grows primarily based on the experiences a child has in these years before they enter school!
  • The majority of people do not realize the long range impact the early years have on the physical development of the brain and ultimately learning, relationships, and behaviors in later life.
  • Economists have demonstrated it is cost beneficial to develop brains optimally from the beginning rather than spending much greater amounts on problems later.
  • Due to technology, scientist have gained valuable information on what developing brains need most so we know what we NEED to do. 
  • We can all easily contribute to making a dramatic impact simply through creating awareness and understanding.
  • Every child deserves the opportunity for healthy development!

Let's make sure EVERYONE knows the critical difference we can make in the early years!!

Following is the Week #20 BRAIN insight to share:


Brains Require All Investing Now
A BRAIN Insight to share ~ Week #20
A chaotic environment with persistent noise, stress, and unpredictability can impede optimal brain development.

Let's make this common knowledge! 
To share this brain fact just cut and paste or use the the share button!
  • You can simply post the insight on social network sites 
  • You can also include the fact in organizational literature or newsletters, add to your signature on your e-mail, post on a bulletin board and implement it into what you do each week.
  • Additionally each week, e-mail the BRAIN Insight to 5 people you know. Encourage each person to share it with 5 people they know. If each person shares with 5 people each week... we will finally have EVERYONE knowing this incredibly important information!  
Enjoy contributing to make this common knowledge!!
 Spreading Brain Development Even Further .... Click here to send the name of a program, agency, school, organization or business that will benefit from a brain development packet. I will draw a name and donate a brain development activity packet 
for the age of your choice, in the name of the person making the recommendation each week!!

The WINNER for WEEK #19:
    Conant Elementary School
                    Bloomfield Hills, MI                               
A brain development packet for the age of their choice will be donated in the name of: 
Angela Parker

Have you sent in your nomination? 

There are many terrific programs and agencies already nominated from all over the world! I invite you to nominate programs, schools, organizations, or agencies that would benefit from a donated brain activity packet in either English or Spanish. 


THANK YOU to all that are participating the initiative already! Tell everyone you know about the difference we can make!

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