Finally Information on the Early Years is Getting Out in a Big Way!

Friday, February 27, 2009

President Obama’s budget proposal states……

“research has shown that there is a high return
for investments made in high-quality, comprehensive programs supporting disadvantaged children, and their families, from birth. Some studies show that for every dollar invested, there is a $4 to $9 return to society in higher earnings, higher
graduation and employment rates, less crime, decreased need for special education services, less use of the public welfare system, and better health. However, we have yet to make a serious commitment to our youngest learners. We know that a dollar invested in early education will pay off handsomely as these children grow older.”

Read more of the President's budget proposal here
I am so excited to have our president understand and emphasize the importance of the early years! This is something all of us can celebrate!! As President Obama explains we all benefit from providing a positive and enriching environment for our children. Just imagine our country where all children have well developed brains!

The 100 billion brain cells a child is born with make connections based primarily on the environment and experiences early in life. So it is critical that these nurturing and stimulating opportunities are provided for every child. For the past 20 years scientific research has increased our understanding of the physical growth taking place in the brain during the critical early years. One of the goals I have and the reason I started braininsights is to make this common knowledge! Even though there is a long way to go, getting national attention and increased funding toward positive brain development for additional children is a reason to cheer!
Add comments about your excitement or share ideas on ways we can create further awareness!
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