BRAIN INSIGHTS TO SHARE: Early Experiences Wire a Brain

Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Brain Insights website it states: 

"Our focus is to be the recognized company for parents, educators, and varied professionals in providing easily understood information, outstanding products, and inspiring presentations that lead to creating awareness and understanding of all that is best for the development of healthy brains." 

Early Experiences Wire A Brain -Printables from www.braininsightsonline.comWith this goal, I am excited to let you know..... printable Brain Insights materials are NOW AVAILABLE!!

I am frequently told that programs and agencies are using Brain Insights information for staff development, for parenting group discussions and workshops, and workplaces share  with employees.  It is thrilling to know that the information shared is being used in so many ways and in so many places...worldwide!!

Due to all of you working to make a positive difference with this information..... I wanted to make it even easier! Each week new information will be created as a printable. With your dedication to making this information common knowledge, hopefully you will find this to be an extremely simple way to share! 


You can print it and post it, put it in newsletters, use it as handouts, share with your next door neighbor, or share on your social networking sites. Your feedback on each one will be welcomed! Also, it would be wonderful if you would comment below to let other people know in what way you are using these. You are likely to spark an idea for someone else! 

Or better yet... e-mail a photo to show how you are using the printables and I can post it to share with others!  

Here also is a WONDERFUL, well done and brief video that clearly explains the impact of experience!  It is provided by Harvard University Center on the Developing Child. Experiences Build Brain Architecture

It is such fun working with all of you to make a world of difference for children!

Thank you once again for ALL you do!


Love Your Baby Brain Packet activity idea - Fuzzy Kisses!

This printable includes and activity idea from the Love Your Baby Brain Development Packet. If you want more activities like it to have on hand everyday, go to

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