Astonishing Communication with a Baby Beginning at Birth

Saturday, June 16, 2012

An infant cries in an attempt to communicate a need. A parent or caregiver then attempts to figure out what the need is. This happens repeatedly throughout each day and can be frustrating and stressful for both the parent … and the baby. This is often one of the most difficult aspects of parenting in the early months and years of a baby’s life. I am thrilled to say, this no longer needs to be the scenario in the parent child relationship! 

It is extremely exciting to help the world know about a ground breaking book. The BlossomMethod™, to put it simply, will make a remarkable difference.  This inspiring guide provides parents with a very easy to use method that will lead to greater parent confidence and a happier baby. What could be better than this?

There are numerous other books of course that I get enthused about, but none compares to the level of excitement I have for sharing this book. It is truly a desire of mine that EVERY parent reads this book.  It provides knowledge every baby will want their parents to have. 

To give you an idea of why this book is so extraordinary, a selection from the introduction follows:

A baby starts talking from the moment she takes her first breath. A child’s instinct for survival and human interaction drives her to communicate with her caregivers using unique movements, facial expressions, sounds, and mouth, lip and tongue shapes. Many of these go unnoticed in the early days of parenthood as everything focuses on providing the newborn with nourishment and comfort. After years of research involving parents and their children, I have mapped the behaviour of the babies I have worked with, including my own, and discovered a phenomenon that has never before been recognised.”

Vivien Sabel is the author of, The Blossom Method™. Vivien’s experiences growing up with a deaf mother provided her the ability to learn to read body language and gestures beyond those in which most of us are aware. Due to this gift, Vivien has created this easy guide to help every parent understand and develop this ability as well. The only sad thing is this book was not available sooner.  It would have filled my heart with joy to be able to establish this significant communication with my daughters as infants.  

Since it is something in which I feel very strongly about, I frequently write and do speaking engagements about the important and incredible difference early relationships have on early brain development. Due to this, I feel enormously honored to have contributed awareness of this impact as a small portion of this valuable book. 

With this information, parents can feel secure that TheBlossom Method™ not only helps create calmer and less stressful interactions with their baby, it also has a positive and long lasting impact on a child’s over all development.  The following excerpt explains:

“Research has shown that consistently responding to the needs of a baby can have an impact on her ability to form healthy relationships with others, to problem-solve, to have empathy for others, to tolerate the frustration of failure, to have more patience, to calm down from excitement. A baby whose needs are consistently met may also have a longer attention span, be able to better manage physical reactions to emotions, have greater skills in communicating emotions in healthy ways, feel less anxiety, exhibit fewer behavioural problems, have more confidence and a positive self-perception, be less fearful and have more willingness to explore and learn through challenges.”

With the passion I have to promote the healthy development of all children, I am so delighted to contribute to creating awareness of this book.  I am especially anxious to see the positive difference the Blossom Method™ will make in the world once parents use this to support the optimal development of young children from the start. 

I invite you to learn more about this wonderful method directly from Vivien in this brief, informational and heartwarming clip.

You will truly be amazed at all your baby is communicating. To begin simply order The Blossom Method here.  ENJOY!! 

I hope you will share awareness of this book with all the parents you know!!

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