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Neuroscience tells us that around 90% of a child’s brain development occurs between 0-5 years old. So children’s experiences in those early years are crucial to their growth and development into adulthood. At birth babies have over 100 billion brain cells, but they have very few connections. Making the connections is how brains develop and grow.  So what can parents do to support their child’s brain development? The answer is easy - give their child lots of love and create beneficial learning opportunities for them to experience the world. The brain needs stimulation to grow – it doesn’t just happen by itself. It is through experiences that brain connections are made as a child learns, develops and grows!
Braininsights is a FABULOUS way to easily support a child’s healthy brain development. Deborah McNelis founder of Braininsights, has created age appropriate card packets for busy parents use for each year between 0-5. Each unique set of cards has age appropriate practical ideas you can complete with your child to help them learn during everyday life activities. They are compact, fun, educational and most importantly are a loving way to learn and bond with your child.  Not only are there fabulous practical and easy to complete activities – any time of the day – there are explanations of why to use these activities help your child’s brain develop – so adults learn about brain development too! These beautiful cards are a valuable resource for parents, grandparents, early childhood educators or anyone who cares for children between 0-5. I highly recommend Braininsights to anyone who wants to give children a great start in life!

Review by Vivien Sabel

Sunday, 4 September 2011

My latest independent parenting review

Independent Review by Vivien Sabel author of The Blossom Method™ - A revolutionary parenting/baby book (publication date June 2012). UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor & Researcher.

REAL brain development 'Love Your Baby' packets (mini book series) by Deborah McNelis begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, M.S. ed., Brain Development Specialist and owner of Brain Insights.

In agreeing to review these books I received a neat yet weighty parcel and inside I discovered some hidden gems. These books are unique, creative and educational. I have to say, I absolutely love them! I have so many good things to say about them I’m just not sure where to begin!

In the REAL brain development series there are six books for parents/professionals providing information about brain development through play, love and positive contact focusing on making connections in the first year and continuing on from age 1 to age 5. Each little packet has been prepared for easy access and each is jargon free.

I love the size of these mini books and the way they have been created; they are small and fastened together with a ring. It seems Deborah wanted to create these in a very easy and practical format so it is extremely easy for parents to use and take them anywhere. The ring, means you can easily flip to an activity that fits the current situation of the family (laundry, riding on the bus, cooking, waiting for an appointment, etc.) Each packet seems to be less like a book....and more like a simple to use and unique resource. Deborah has certainly achieved this with these little packets of joy.

These pre-eminent packets are a must read for all parents and professionals. The language is accessible and the pictures are delightful. My favorite consistent theme is hearing the voice of ‘our’ children throughout. The child voice can be ‘heard’ on the back of each page and it reminds you of what your children need to promote positive brain development. “My brain will adapt to whatever my world provides for me. For my brain to develop best, I need to have fun, interesting, loving experiences built into each day” McNelis (2008).

Each page provides you with information or an activity and then Deborah succinctly goes on to tell you all about what your children need for their brains to develop in the best possible way.

I think when Deborah produced these beautiful little books she had them in mind for providing ideas that some may not have been exposed to in their own growing up and to fit it in to busy working lives. But, she also kept in mind the busy professional parent who needs ideas just as much so they can spend quality interaction time with their children.

I think these packets should be given to each and every parent from their midwives, doctors or other healthcare professionals indeed any professionals working with parents or children to promote positive development. The ‘Love Your Baby’ packets can be used to support their efforts in an easy way through sharing practical ways to promote and easily learn about ways that really support brain development. Many schools, early childhood centres, parenting programs, family resource centres, nursery or Surestart centres, should make these available and distribute them to parents.

These mini books support ALL adults to realise that these are the ways science show us that brains develop best.

My daughter-in-law said she feels that it would be great if health services distributed these packets to those planning a pregnancy and those who have discovered they are pregnant. And I concur! I would have loved to receive my very own “Love Your Baby” packet. Then pediatricians, health visitors or other health care professional could give out the next one each year following!!

If I were the CEO of a health authority or other such company I would jump on board and consider using these packets as promotional items to increase the Public Relations of the company! They could also be used as promotional items for agencies or businesses wanting to promote the healthy development of children. These companies could have their logo and contact information printed on the packets!

The cost is $9.99 /packet US or UK --- International orders can be purchased with PayPal and the shipping will be calculated. When purchasing sets there is a discount in the price ... $27.00 for a 3 packet set or $54.00 for the 6 packet set. I believe bulk orders for organisations, schools or business get discount pricing for quantities over 25.

For more information and to order these pivotal packets and more from the REAL brain development series contact Deborah McNelis begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting at

Posted by Vivien Sabel at 06:49

BRAININSIGHTS gets Toy Man Seal of Approval!

Review: braininsights - Love Your Baby

by: Rev. James G.W. Fisher - Editor / Product & Service Evaluation Specialist

Product Evaluation Summary Date: 08/23/2010

Love Your Baby emphasizes the importance of attachment for healthy social/emotional and cognitive development. The brain development information is explained in everyday language. This packet assists new parents in the providing child development for their new baby and does it in an easy and unique format.

About Our New Inductee

Much as each of the other authoritative packets on brain development from braininsights make a difference in the brain development of the children in your life or community, so does brainsights - Love Your Baby, the first of the series of the braininsights series.

This packet of 40 activity cards that are hung on a convenient ring for easy accessibility and portability, makes it easy for busy parents to have brain development activity ideas available anytime. The brain packet fits easily into a purse or diaper bag and eliminates the need for time to read a whole book. Each activity card includes scientifically based information on how loving and interaction with plenty of funQuotient™ helps a child's brain develop.

Each activity card includes information on how loving and fun interaction helps a child's brain develop. Love Your Baby emphasizes the importance of attachment for healthy social/emotional and cognitive development. Best of all, the brain development information is explained in everyday language which is so easy to understand for nearly everyone.

In our evaluation of brainsights - Love Your Baby we discovered how enjoyable it is to see how this packet assists new parents in understanding as well as encouraging child development for their new baby and does so in an easy and unique format. Every baby born wants the people in their life to interact with them as they are experiencing this new world of color, sound, and feeling of "the outside world". brainsights - Love Your Baby works so well in breaking that barrier of fear, excitement, and lack of knowledge about a baby's needs and development for new parents.

The first year for an infant as well as their parents is probably the most important challenge for parents. It is a time where an infant literally needs attention 24/7. For many parents today though, the challenge to fulfill that need is a heavy one. This is partly due to lack of sufficient time to read or just locate accurate sources to learn from. The economical stresses across the globe require most parent to both be working, many times both parents are forced to working full-time shifts to pay all the bills.

brainsights - Love Your Baby and the rest of the brainsights packages help to cope with the parody of need vs time. According to many of the parents we interviewed in our evaluation process, "...most of the books and other sources of information to draw from are either too pricey, lacking in clarity and simplicity, or both!" That may seem like a rather point blank way of making a point yet it is a fact that cannot be ignored. brainsights - Love Your Baby becomes the missing link they are searching for.

brainsights card packets can be dropped into a purse, handbag, or diaper bag! This allows a parent to be able to read the cards virtually anywhere, anytime. The right information at the right price and even easy to understand; what more could a parent ask for?

Independent Evaluators:

ECD Learning Specialist / Behavioral Psychology Analyst
Professor / Special Needs Treatment Coordinator

"braininsights - Love Your Baby is part of an excellent series of info-packet cards that represent an all-embracing explication of information associated with child brain development and behavior. Out of the entire series, Love Your Baby is the very foundation for parents and caregivers to build their knowledge base from. Similar to immersion learning with a foreign language, the application of use of the product with an infant is natural. A substantial contribution to the fulfillment of need for both infant and parent/caregiver is realized.

"Love Your Baby is like a fuse on a stick of dynamite which has been lit, it progresses rapidly to an inevitable completion of task. The end result of its use becomes significant as a catalyst for mutual positive progressive growth and improvement."

Behavior Change Communications Specialist, M.Ed.
Professor / Corporate Planning Analyst

"braininsights - Love Your Baby is one of the packets from the series which I can personally identify with. My husband and I are blessed with our little 3 month old daughter, first born, and can look upon this product in how it applies to our own family's prospective results gained from its use. An infant creates a dramatic shift in the household environment with priorities changing due to the infant's needs.

Every moment of every day of an infant's first year of life plays a part in their brain development. This brain development is the basal segment of their brain development which is responsible for shaping their life in the future. Love Your Baby fills the void of those unanswered questions of how to encourage and understand an infant's first year of brain development most effectively."

"The entire series itself holds a brilliant formation of information specific to brain and ECD development. Parents can make use of Love Your Baby as an authoritative source in understanding the development of their child and how to interact with them more effectively in the first year. Engaging and common people friendly, Love Your Baby is a product which should be as common with an infant as their booties."

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