BRAIN INSIGHTS TO SHARE: It Is Repetition That Makes Strong Connections

Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Printable! Repeated positive experiences contribute to children that thrive! Blog:Early Childhood Brain Insights
When playing with a child, signing a song, or reading a book together, you might frequently hear, "Do it again!!" We all have probably heard this request. 

This repetition is exactly what the developing brain needs. When experiences are repeated, the brain creates strong pathways of connections based on those experiences. The brain then retains those connections. 

If an experience doesn't happen frequently the brain eliminates connections made from those experiences. As explained in printable #3 the brain adapts to the environment it is exposed to. The "use it or loose it" process explains how this adaptation takes place. The brain adapts skills needed for survival and success for the world in which it lives. 

As a result, for healthy brain development and helping a child thrive, positive environments and experiences are needed. The printable for this week explains this and includes an activity idea to share from, Let's Learn More While I'm Four also. 

Printable #4  
It Is Repetition That Makes Strong Connections

In this wonderful video from Center on the Developing Child; The Science of Early Childhood Development  Jack P. Shonkoff M.D. clearly explains the impact of early experiences on young brains. This is a great clip to share! 


Hopefully you have a terrific week sharing and making a positive impact!!


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