Friday, February 3, 2012

As you know the reason I created, braininsights, is because as I do brain presentations and communicate with others throughout the country, I have found that most adults do not yet know all that is best for developing brains. My goal is to change this, and make early brain development common knowledge. So in this issue of the January Issue of the Brain Insights Newsletter, I have asked the following question.. 

Why is this the case? Why is it that we have more knowledge than ever before about what is best for children's brain development ... and yet this IS NOT what is what most children are experiencing?

My concern is ... How can we get EVERYONE to understand the importance and the impact of the early years? ~ We know more than ever about all that children need most for optimal development, but too frequently children are experiencing just the opposite. Too many children are not getting the healthy foods they need, are pushed toward academics too early, are spending time with screens instead of learning in the way the brain learns best, are living in harsh or chaotic environments and/or over scheduled lives.
 The wonderful thing is that there are numerous and wonderful individuals, organizations and companies working and sharing to create the understanding that children need safe, predictable, nurturing relationships, healthy environments and nutrition. They also promote, how children need opportunities to play, move, experience nature and learn through exploring. I am very anxious for this to be common knowledge... but even more important... common practice!! 

  Read more about this perplexing question in the January Newsletter
You will also find a variety of articles and sources of information contributing to finally make this happen. 

Let's invest in our young children and have this occur in 2012!

Enjoy all of the great articles and resource links!! 

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