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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When presenting at the Parenting 2.0 Talks International Summit, Sherlyn Pang Present Parent Training conducted interviews with many of the presenters. I look forward to sharing the interviews of these incredible people that are a part of the Global Presence Guild. You can watch for these posts in upcoming weeks! I am certain you will be thrilled to know of all they are providing for children and families!

There are two purposes for sharing this... One is I am extremely appreciative to Sharylyn so I can share a visual of the Brain Development Packets. Since these are unique, it is valuable for those who find it beneficial to see samples of the packets demonstrated.

Secondly, this also brings attention to the Global Presence!  In this post I am providing you the wonderful opportunity to become a part of this exciting and growing international community!

Grassroots Community of “Basically Good People” Serving Others.

"The Global Presence is an international, grassroots, volunteer organization that gives basically good people the opportunity to stand tall, link arms, and be counted. You are already serving others in dozens of ways, now is the time for you to join with like- minded individuals, be applauded for your contributions, and supported in your service."

To find out more go to  Parenting 2.0 - Raising Humanity Collaboratively and Consciously

It is very difficult to adequately express how impressive, knowledgeable and extremely caring the professionals  presenting at the P2.0 Talks are. I invite you to go to the Thought Leaders page and connect with these dedicated people. I am certain the valuable resource you become aware of, will enhance your work and/or personal life. 

Isn't it heartwarming when we realize all that is taking place for individuals and families throughout the world?

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