Sunday, April 5, 2015

Here I am!!! … Brand new to this world! 

Loving insights from a Brillinat Newborn http://braininsights.blogspot.com/2015/04/insights-from-brilliant-newborn.html How exciting this is… but, WOW it is also very scary!  It certainly was much calmer and warmer where I was living the last nine months.  Now, there are so many more sensations to deal with.  I am lying here all alone and I have no control about ANYTHING!  

How am I going to get my needs met?  I sure hope there is someone that will take care of me to keep me safe, make me feel secure or respond when I need something! 

Oh I hear that voice I got used to hearing. It makes me feel a bit calmer to hear something familiar. It sounds soothing as she talks to me.  

I am moving, this feels strange and also a bit frightening. I feel like I am falling. I startle and cry. Oh there, that feels much better.  She is cuddling me in her arms. I feel safe and warm here. I can feel her skin against mine. Hearing her heartbeat again along with her scent makes me feel very comforted. I hope she can see that I am showing through my relaxed body and my eyes looking at her eyes that I like all of this very much. If she notices that I like it, hopefully she will do this frequently. 

But …. I am beginning to feel some discomfort. It feels that I need to be fed. I hope she will know this is what I need now. I look around, squirm to see what I can find.

Oh no!  She doesn’t seem to know. I will show her with the way I move my tongue and position my mouth.  Oh good, she is watching.  She is imitating it back to me! She is showing me she knows what I was telling her! She is now feeding me!

It feels extremely wonderful to know that I can communicate my needs and have them understood. She recognizes that I am someone important, special, valuable and already quite brilliant! I really like her! 

Hopefully, she will stick around and this will continue! If all of this does happen repeatedly in this loving responsive way, it will create the critically important connections my brain requires to contribute toward enhancing the......


 Loving insights from a Brillinat Newborn http://braininsights.blogspot.com/2015/04/insights-from-brilliant-newborn.html

Together we can make a world of difference! 
It just takes understanding, 
caring and sharing!

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