Monday, December 6, 2010

Imaginative play leads to the development of the higher thinking areas of the brain. Research shows the critical ability to self regulate is enhanced through this type of play.

This week-end I finally had the opportunity to see the movie Toy Story 3. While there were many messages communicated through this story, it was wonderful to see this great example of play! This movie clearly shows how toys like these sparks imagination. 

Children need many opportunities for this type of play for healthy development.

This article from NPR clearly explains the importance of play for optimal development and self regulation. 

Keep the brain in mind with these tips as you shop for gifts this holiday!

      .... television, DVD's, and flashcards are not the best ways to
           promote brain development.

     .... you are your child's favorite toy!

     .... toys that are best for children's brains
  •  Provide an opportunity for direct interaction and manipulation
  • Give a child a chance to develop something with their hands
  •  Offer a variety of ways of using the toy or object
  • Spark imagination and creativity
  • Allow the child to repeat a process
  • Promotes physical activity
         Examples are: Puzzles, building blocks, building sets,
         crayons, balls, paints, play dough, dolls, trucks and
         cars, shape sorters,  sand toys, bean bags, nesting
         cups, pretend play sets, water toys, and books!

     .... Opportunities to just play, create, move, explore, and manipulate
          objects, provides the best opportunities for real learning.

"The Toy Man® Recommends..." 2010 Holiday Season Product List provides ideas from experts in the field. Hope you find this very helpful for unique and recommended gifts. I am honored to have The Brain Development Series included.  Enjoy!
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