Monday, June 14, 2010

I received a wonderful e-mail recently with a comment stating the value of the brain facts for sharing with parents. She stated that as a result of the brain facts she finds herself looking for specific resources due to her interested in learning more.

I have had other curious followers ask for additional information also. It is so great to hear of the continuously growing interest to share brain information. As you know, it is the goal of braininsights to make this common knowledge. Every time this information is shared by people like you we move closer to the reality of having everyone understand the positive impact we can have toward healthy brains!

The brain facts I post are based on scientific research but do not always come from any one specific source. They are general basic brain information that are now known and understood about the brain. These are bits of information that have resulted from scientific research over the last several years.

My idea is to try to share this information in little quick bits since people do not often have a lot of extra time during their busy day to read much more than this. These posts are also meant to be easy to post or tell others in an effort to spread the word.

However, I sure understand the interest in wanting to learn more. So, what I have done in response to people that are looking for more information is put a resource tab on the blog. This way when people do have time to read, or go to websites for further information, a resource list is available.

As a result of the question, I will also begin doing something new. In addition to the brain fact each day, I will periodically post a specific article, study, etc. for those who would like more new information as it comes out. Additionally, the article on the monthly newsletter includes resources for further information. Hopefully all of this will be helpful to you!

Again, I so appreciate you taking the time to contact me. It has given me the opportunity to better provide what is beneficial to you and others making a difference for children and families every day!

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BRAIN FACT: Watching TV Does Not Provide The Type of Experience That is Beneficial To The Brain

Direct interaction with objects and people provides optimal brain development.  Watching television does not provide the type of experience that is beneficial to the brain.

More information on this topic can be found here.       

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