Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brains Require All Investing Now

I am thrilled to announce a new way to promote this important initiative! This new initiative is designed to spread the incredibly valuable knowledge that.... Early Brain Development is NOT complicated and it makes an impact that affects every one of us! We can make a real difference through working together!
Every adult needs to know the impact early experiences have on the developing brain. When every parent, grandparent, educator, judge, medical professional, foster parent, social worker, community leader, policy maker, business owner, and voter becomes aware..... real and positive 
change can occur.  
It is very easy to become part of the BRAIN initiative.

What is the BRAIN Initiative?
  •  An innovative brain development awareness campaign that can make a dramatic impact!
  •  An easy way for everyone to support our children!
  • A simple way to create needed understanding!
Why Do We Need the BRAIN Initiative?
  •  Because we ALL benefit from ALL children having well developed brains.
  •  Most people do not yet know that 90% of the brain physically develops in the first 5 years, and 85% in the first 3 years.
  • The brain adapts and grows primarily based on the experiences a child has in the years before they enter school!
  • The majority of people do not realize the long range impact the early years have on the physical development of the brain and ultimately learning, relationships, and behaviors in later life.
  •  Economists have demonstrated that it is cost beneficial to develop brains optimally from the beginning rather than spending greater amounts on problems later.
  •  Due to advances in technology, scientist have gained valuable information on what developing brains need most.
  •  We can all easily contribute to making a dramatic impact simply through creating awareness and understanding.
  • We can not afford to ignore the potential of every child.
  •  Every child deserves the opportunity for healthy development!
How does the BRAIN Initiative Work?
    •  A BRAIN Insight will be posted here each week.  
    •  Each "BRAIN insight" will be a very simple and interesting piece of basic brain information for you to share.
    • You can simply post the insight on social network sites, (twitter, Linkedin, FaceBook, etc.) 
    • You can also include the fact in organizational literature or newsletters, add to your signature on your e-mail, post on a bulletin board and implement it into what you do each week.
    •  Additionally each week, you can e-mail the BRAIN Insight to 5 people you know. Encourage each person to share it with 5 people they know. If each person shares with 5 people each week... we will finally have EVERYONE knowing this incredibly important information!  
    Spreading Brain Development Even Further .... Send me the name of a program, agency, school, organization or business that will benefit from a brain development packet. I will draw a name and donate a brain activity packet in the name of the person making the recommendation each week!!

    Let's make this even more effective... simply post a comment to say you are a part of creating awareness! If you would like you could also post the ways you are promoting optimal brain development. It will be a wonderful way for you to make connections with everyone that is a part of the BRAIN initiative! 

    Tell Everyone You Know! 

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