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Wondering how to achieve the well-being for children - Insights Here!   ~Early Childhood Brain Insights

 ANNA HAS INSIGHTS… and questions!  

Anna says………

I realize I am only a few months old…..but there are several things I would really like to share from my perspective. Also due to the fact that I am new here, there are numerous things I would like to try to understand.  I am hoping you can help clarify the things I need to understand, and hopefully I can create some insights that will be beneficial. 

Coming into this world has been quite an experience already. In these first few months I have had a succession of new sensations that are both wonderful and overwhelming.  Whew….

I really cannot comprehend this number, but I have about 100 billion brain cells in my head! All of these brain cells are meant to make connections with other brain cells. Many of these connections were made during the 9 months prior to my birth. But the thing is, 9 months was not long enough to connect 100 billion brain cells. I need much more time for my brain to develop. AND….this doesn’t just magically happen!

While genetics certainly has an impact on the way my brain develops, experience has a dramatic influence on how my brain physically grows and develops. If I were to just sit in an infant seat or lay in a crib, I would not have the experiences I need to wire my brain. I HAVE TO have experiences for the cells to make connections.

So, throughout my life I will be continuously making connections due to the experiences I have. However, something I want all of the adults in my life to know is, 90% of my brain growth will happen before I go to kindergarten.  These early experiences I am having now create the foundation for my physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills in life. So, hours now have more impact on my brain than months will when I am an adult. However…..  PLEASE do not think that means I should be pushed to learn more at this age!!!  I will tell you more about that in another blog (How about that, I have already learned what a blog is!) But, for now what I need most is nourishment, safety, loving interaction, warmth, and touch. I also love when I am read, sung, or talked to, and have time on the floor to play, move, build muscles, and explore on my own.

My question is….. why is it that ALL adults don’t know all of this yet? Scientists have revealed that the early years are the time when a majority of brain development is occurring for over 20 years.  But, from what I have seen most people do not know this yet.  Can you explain to me why this is not common knowledge? I hope we can change this VERY SOON! Every new baby born wants all of the adults in their life to know this! If you would help by telling others about the information I have shared …. I think we can make this happen!  

I sure like sharing this important information with you… but I am tired now.  I need my morning nap."

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