Brain Development and Reducing Obesity Through Routines!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Routines, sleep, nutrition, and limited (or no) television viewing are necessary for healthy brain development. Because of the positive impact on the brain, each of these essential needs are emphasized in braininsights® packets for every age 0 -5.

The developing brain needs:

• nutrition for energy and to function optimally. Feeding the brain well contributes to children who can attend longer and have calmer behavior.

• sleep to help keep the brain’s chemical systems in balance.

• interactive play rather than television viewing to develop valuable and strong connections between the 100 billion brain cells.

• routines to reduce the effects of stress. Chaos creates stress. It is comforting to the brain to have a schedule and know what to expect next.

The results of a recent study also demonstrate the positive impact these factors have on children’s weight. This study reveals that providing enough sleep, having family meals, or limiting television viewing can have a positive effect on preventing obesity.

Can you share this information with others? Let’s help everyone know how easy to raise children with healthy bodies and minds!

ScienceDaily (Feb. 9, 2010) — A new national study suggests that preschool-aged children are likely to have a lower risk for obesity if they regularly engage in one or more of three specific household routines: eating dinner as a family, getting adequate sleep and limiting their weekday television viewing time.

In a large sample of the U.S. population, the study showed that 4-year-olds living in homes with all three routines had an almost 40 percent lower prevalence of obesity than did children living in homes that practiced none of these routines.

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