We Can All Benefit!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It is important to remember, the adults in children’s lives are making a direct impression through every action. Only a small portion of our brain focuses on verbal communication. So, our actions do speak louder than words.
With this in mind I recently learned about a company that is focused on making a positive difference. It is called, Koru Fundraising and I had the chance to have a conversation with the founder last week.

As is stated on the Koru website, Corey believes that fundraising is necessary to improve the education of children but believes in transforming the industry too. This means maintaining a high set of values that will be passed to our youth. Corey’s goal is to help forge an economy that can live through many generations and co-exist peacefully with nature. Koru Fundraising is a vehicle for making these goals happen.

My excitement about the company comes from the belief I also have about making a positive impact. I frequently express that I feel fundraising could make a tremendous impact through selling products that make a difference. When children are involved this is especially important.
So when your organization or group is looking for a way to raise money to make a difference , look for a way to benefit everyone through what you sell. This may be a great resource for you.


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